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Maghain Aboth

The first record of Jewish existence in Singapore is found in the Jewish Synagogue Act.

It reads that a piece of land was leased "on a pepper-corn rent for the purpose of erecting a synagogue."

It is to the Trustees, comprising Joseph Dwek, Nassim Joseph Ezra and Ezra Ezra Ezekiel, that we owe our establishment as a Community as we know it today.

It was through their initiative that the first synagogue was erected in the Boat Quay area, and till today, the street in which the synagogue was built bears the name "Synagogue Street" although the synagogue itself is no longer there.

The Trustees also, in 1841, made for a lease of a plot of land in Orchard Road for a cemetery, thus making provision for both the living and the dead.

By 1879, the community had increased greatly to a total of 172 members, 116 males and 56 females. New Trustees, A. Solomon, Joshua M.Joshua and Manasseh Meyer had, meanwhile, been appointed to serve with Joseph Dwek Cohen. They realised that many of the congregants were now living in the new residential area around Waterloo Street, and it was time to consider purchasing more land on which to build a new and larger synagogue. Negotiations proved difficult, but thanks mainly to the intervention of Manasseh Meyer, the old synagogue was finally sold and a plot of land on Waterloo Street was acquired form the government, thereafter becoming the site of our present synagogue .Read More...



Chesed El

The name “Chesed-El” encapsulates the various attributes of the Hebrew G-d - of loving kindness, righteousness and mercy, located at 2 Oxley Rise, it is the second synagogue in use in Singapore. It was built by Sir Reuben Manasseh Meyer,


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