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Etz Hazayit Tuna Fillet in Lemon-Flavoured Olive Oil and Black Pepper 120g


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Sliced tuna fillet flavored with lemon and black pepper

Light tuna (fish), olive oil, water, black pepper (1%), salt, citric acid, flavoring agents (lemon oil).

Allergens included:

Nutritional value:
Weight per unit per 100 grams
Energy (calories) 160 calories
Fats (grams) 5.5 grams
Saturated fatty acids (grams) 0.8 grams
Trans fatty acids (grams) 0.5 grams
Cholesterol (mg) 50 mg
Sodium (mg) 395 mg
Total carbohydrates (grams) 0.5 grams
Sugars from carbohydrates (grams) 0 grams
Proteins (grams) 27 grams