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Flam Winery 2019 Syrah Reserve 750ml


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Flam winery is a boutique winery that uses the latest and best technologies available to the global wine industry. From our world class crusher, to our pneumatic press, and to the temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. These help achieve optimal quality in the winemaking process, starting with the arrival of the grapes at the winery. We have designed the winery in a way that we have a separate tank for each parcel and varietal we harvest, so we are able to ferment each separately, and thus maintain authenticity and the unique characteristics of each vineyard. Underneath the tank room is our barrel cellar. The cellar was meticulously planned upholding the strictest European standards to ensure optimal conditions for long term wine maturation in both French & American oak barrels. The cellar maintains a constant temperature of 15°C and holds up to 300 barrels, most of which we buy from the 3 leading cooperages in the world that are experts in fine French oak. The red wines mature anywhere between 8 and 18 months in the barrels, then another 6 months to a year after bottling in our temperature regulated warehouse. The red wines are meant for aging, and will generally reach their peak in a few years after their release. Our fastidious winemaking process is intended to emphasize deep colors in our wines, rich texture, pronounced varietal flavors, and soft, velvety tannins.