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Knorr Sweet Chilli Sauce 6.2L


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Knorr Sweet Chilli Sauce
Wraps the dish and gives it great visibility and shine.
A balanced taste between sweetness and spiciness
Suitable for a large variety of dishes and uses: for seasoning, sautéing, marinating, polishing after roasting and serving as a dip
Rich and concentrated taste, with a thick texture – recommended for dilution with 50% -20% liquid (water, chicken / vegetable stock, melted butter or mayonnaise) as needed.

Water, sugar, glucose syrup, reconstituted vegetables [red pepper, garlic, chili pepper (0.5%)], vinegar, salt, processed starch (E1442), spices, edible acid (citric acid), preservative (E202), Stabilizer (xanthan gum), flavor and aroma

– Gluten free
Vegan Friendly
– No added monosodium glutamate
– No food coloring
No animal components