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Kvuzat Yavne Whole Green Olives 560g


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Kvuzat Yavne Whole Green Olives 560g

Product of Israel
Kosher Parve
Kvuzat Yavne Food Products is a kibbutz plant established over 60 years ago in Kvuzat Yavne, the veteran and flourishing religious kibbutz located in the center of the country. Over the years, Kvuzat Yavne Food Products has become a leading Israeli producer of pickled products that excel in their taste and quality.
Kvuzat Yavne Food Products carry the excellent hechsher of Badatz Chatam Sofer, Badatz Edah Charedit in Jerusalem, the Mehadrin kashrut of Rabbi Solomon and the hechsher of the Union of Orthodox Congregations of North America.