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Maya Huge White Chickpeas Selected 500g


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Maya Huge White Chickpeas Selected 500g

Ingredients: Chickpeas.

Cooking time:
60-80 minutes after soaking

Mia’s legumes in the SELECTED series have been carefully selected from around the world. Legumes undergo an innovative, natural and ecological process that stops the product’s aging process. Combined with a dual sorting and cleaning system, and vacuum packaging to prevent oxygen penetration, the freshness and quality of the product is maintained for a long time, and the development of pests, which may be found in agricultural food, is prevented.

Chickpeas, like other legumes, contain a good source of plant protein. Chickpeas contain essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. The chickpeas contain a relatively low amount of fat and contain B vitamins, vitamin C and dietary fiber that are known to help the digestive system function and lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Rinse the chickpeas well. Soak in water overnight or several hours in boiling water. Put the filtered chickpeas in a pot and cover with water a few inches above the chickpeas. Cover the pot partially and wait for it to boil. Cook after boiling on a low flame for 60-80 minutes until the chickpeas soften. Season to taste.