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Maya Selected Popcorn 500g


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Maya Selected Popcorn 500g

Ingredients: Corn kernels.

Mia’s legumes in the SELECTED series have been carefully selected from around the world. Legumes undergo an innovative, natural and ecological process that stops the product’s aging process. Combined with a dual sorting and cleaning system, and vacuum packaging to prevent oxygen penetration, the freshness and quality of the product is maintained for a long time, and the development of pests, which may be found in agricultural food, is prevented.

Corn kernels for popcorn:
A recent study (from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, USA) found that popcorn kernels contain a very high amount of polyphenols (antioxidants). According to the study, an average dose of popcorn contains up to 300 mg of polyphenols. Antioxidants are known to be an essential ingredient. For the body that helps lower cholesterol, prevent certain types of cancer, slow down cell aging and more.
In addition, popcorn kernels are whole grains and therefore rich in dietary fiber that helps in the activity of the digestive system, lowers blood cholesterol and more.

Popcorn with a low amount of fat and salt is a healthy, low-calorie, satisfying and fun snack.