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McRad Double Espresso Liqueur 750ml


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At the foot of lsrael’s Carmel Mountains and amid the beauty of the fertile Galilee, the Morad Winery in Yokneam transforms nature’s harvest into the world’s finest kosher and kosher-for-Passover wines and liqueurs. Using fruits, vegetables and herbs, our winery produces a large selection of flavorful and exotic offerings – from passion fruit to pomegranate.

Fragrant and multi-flavored, Morad’s products are perfect for everyday enjoyment. special celebrations and holiday dinners. enhancing the enjoyment of any cuisine.

More recently, the Bodner family has joined the Morads in operating the world-class yet boutique winemaker.

Together, the Morads and the Bodners share a passion for wine and a profound commitment to perfection. their aromatic, multi-flavored wines and liqueurs effortlessly turn meals into feasts and special occasions into unforgettable celebrations.