Chesed El Synagogues

The name “Chesed-El” encapsulates the various attributes of the Hebrew G-d – of loving kindness, righteousness and mercy, located at 2 Oxley Rise, it is the second synagogue in use in Singapore. It was built (and inaugurated in 1905) by Sir Manasseh Meyer (b. 1846 d. 1930), a poor Jewish immigrant who gained wealth in Singapore as a trader, and later as one of its largest real estate owners. He was knighted in 1929. The Synagogue is open every Monday for the morning service as well as on

major holidays and is run by trustees of the Chesed El Synagogue Settlement Trust. The Chesed -El Synagogue brought much pride to our community by also being officially gazetted as a national monument. In 2005, we celebrated the centennial of Chesed El reflecting a glorious history and renewed commitment for the future

For guided synagogue tours or any other information

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