Our Community

Over 140-years of continuous presence in Singapore.

Welcome to Southeast Asia’s oldest Jewish community.

Welcome to Singapore! If you’re looking for a Jewish home away from home, you’ve come to the right place.

Our congregation follows the Sephardic Orthodox rite and while we are committed to Halacha, we pride ourselves in being an inclusive community which welcomes all Jews, from all denominations and backgrounds.

On this link you can find overview of our community services, including our Mikevhs, Shabbat timings, academic programmes and more. 

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Online Kosher Shop

Over the years, the Jewish community has looked to continue to expand and nurture Jewish life in the region. The Elite Kosher shop was established to help centralise and accommodate the need for easy access to kosher food for our community members and guests. From our humble beginnings as a small mini-mart, we have expanded our offerings and now regularly import stock of  the latest and freshest kosher products and items from Israel, France, Argentina, Australia and the USA.

As of 2021, we are proud to have released a new e-commerce platform integrated with delivery options to facilitate access to kosher food even further!

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Community member Savi J Khafi’s (OBM) early plans for the Modern Kosher Shop (Recorded in 1990)