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Tabor Winery 2018 Har Tabor Chardonnay 750ml


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Mt. Tabor Chardonnay preserves the natural aroma and flavor of the grapes. It’s the wine of choice for those seeking a quality wine at a great value. Pale straw color. Light and fruity, this classic Chardonnay is full of flavors and aromas; melon, peach, pear with hints of tropical fruit. The wine has a moderate acidity leading to a pleasant enduring finish. A bottle of Mt. Tabor is always suitable for opening. Open a bottle of Mt. Tabor and enjoy today.

Tabor Winery is situated in the heart of the fertile Galilee. Their vineyards and winery lay in the foothills of Mt. Tabor. This unique location provides an ideal climate for growing grapes, as well as different soil types. These factors, and their highly skilled and dedicated team, help to make Tabor’s wines special; wines that exhibit the natural grape aromas and flavors. A bottle of Tabor will always enhance your gatherings and special moments. Har, which means mountain, gets its name from Mt. Tabor, the most significant and historic mountain in the Galilee. In keeping with the spirit of Mt. Tabor, this wine displays the natural freshness and fruit characteristics of the grapes.