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Bin Nun Winery 2021 Oscar


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OSCAR is a special and limited wine series that skillfully unites two prominent grape families, Cabernet and Petit Verdot. The grapes were meticulously hand-harvested from carefully selected sections of the winery’s vineyards in the Judean Hills, ensuring the highest quality. The wine underwent an extended aging process of 24 months in premium French oak barrels, endowing it with depth, complexity, and uniqueness.

This distinctive blend comprises 50% Petit Verdot, 33% Cabernet Franc, and 17% Cabernet Sauvignon. The harmonious fusion of these dominant grape varieties results in a wine that is both complex and rich, featuring a pleasingly soft and deep texture. You’ll encounter earthy flavors, smoky cigar notes, hints of clove and tobacco spices, along with luscious jammy black fruit. The wine finishes with noticeable tannins and promises to evolve beautifully in the years to come.