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Riga Gold Smoked Sprats in Veggie Oil 240g


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Riga Gold Smoked Sprats in Veggie Oil 240g

Riga Sprats are a unique delicacy that are popular in Europe. Тhey have been produced in Latvia since the 19th century. Riga Sprats are smoked using traditional practices and packed in oil. When you have a craving for your favorite sprats, choose Riga sprats!
Do not overlook the benefit of these tiny fish; they benefit the circulatory, nervous, skeletal, reproductive and digestive systems, not to mention improvements in the appearance of hair and skin and an increase in joint comfort.  They also boost brain health and lower the levels of bad cholesterol. Sprats are probably the most nutritious food there is. Give them a try as a snack or a quick lunch. There is a wonderful smokiness in each can, and the fish are neatly layered in oil. Reap the health benefits of the fish as well as the Omega 3 in the oil. Dunk a slice of bread in the oil and enjoy! Not a hint of fishy smell, just wonderful smokiness in every can.