Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a daily minyan and Shabbat & Holiday services in Singapore?

Yes. For more info, click here.

Are there Kosher restaurants in Singapore?

Yes. For more info on the AWAFI restaurant,  click here. For more info on the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Kosher outlet, click here

Can I obtain Shabbat meals?

Yes. For Shabbat and Festival meals reservations, please contact the JWB office at 63365166 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are there Hotels within walking distance of the Synagogue?

Yes. For more info, click here

Is there a kosher catering service available in Singapore?

Yes. For more info contact the JWB office at 63372189 ext 103 or by email at: click here

Can I find Kosher products in Singapore?Yes, you most definitely can, at the Elite Kosher Shop situated at the 2nd Floor of the  JBC.  Chalav Israel milk is available in our Kosher shop. For those who rely on the Heter (leniency) of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein OBM, please note: Local milk is not considered Chalav Stam. The only milk that is acceptable and considered Chalav Stam is the Pura Fresh Milk.


Besides the Kosher shop at the Jacob Ballas Centre, Kosher products are also found in almost every of Singapore’s main supermarkets chains such as:

Tanglin Mall supermarket:

Located on the junction of Tanglin Road and Napier Road

Cold storage supermarkets:

This is a chain of supermarkets with many outlets in Singapore

Ntuc fairprice:

This is the biggest chain of supermarkets in Singapore with many kosher items on sale.

Jason’s supermarket:

Located at Orchard Towers on Orchard Road


How do I know if something Kosher?

Certain foods, like fresh fruit, do not need a hechsher (i.e  symbol indicating that a kosher agency approved a product as kosher) and many of these products are available in Singapore in the main supermarket chains.

Other products have a hechsher on the label or are listed on the databases that are maintained by the various kosher agencies.

What hechshers/kosher symbols should I look for on products found in Singapore?

Look for the following kosher symbols to determine if a product is kosher (there are many more but these are the most common):

Is there a list of what products are kosher?

Most kashrut companies include a list of their certified products on their websites. Such as the New South Wales Kashut Authority, a great database, especially since many products available in Singapore are imported from Australia.

Can I find Kosher meat in Singapore?  

Yes,the Elite Kosher shop (at JBC) stocks meat products including fresh kosher chickens slaughtered once weekly. please note that the only venue to obtain Kosher meat and poultry is at The Elite Kosher shop.

Can I find Kosher Passover products in Singapore?

Yes, a wide range of Kosher for Passover products are available at the Elite Kosher shop.

Is there a Jewish Home for the Aged in Singapore?

Yes. For more info, click here.

Is there a Men or Ladies Mikvah in Singapore?

Yes. For more info, click here for Men and here for Ladies.FAQ For tourist in Singapore