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Beit El Malbec Cabernet Blend 2017 14.9%


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Malbec Cabernet
The vineyard of the Malbec variety, beautiful and invested. The fruit in it is diluted to a level of 600 kg per dunam, while most vineyards start from 1.2 tons or more, and thus the vine “rages” to give the fruit its wonderful flavors. The winemaker praised Mann.

The wine was enriched with a quality Cabernet Sauvignon from the vineyards of Beit El, 850 meters above sea level, a combination that creates a perfect celebration. for life!

This Malbec blend has rich flavors and exciting aromas, such that it can only be produced from Malbec growing in Israel. Juicy plum flavors, and black berries. Treat yourself to a wine with a round finish and a thick and rich texture. Enjoy!